Will AI Take Over Truck Drivers?

With big-rig, semi-truck accidents contributing to nearly 4,000 deaths annually, will an Artificial Intelligence takeover be beneficial or more scary for fellow drivers? It is estimated that in the next 10 years trucks will be almost exclusively driven by AI. This means that trucks will have a designated, predetermined route for their cargo and will be driven entirely automatically. Currently, technology working to make this possible is at a 98% accuracy. While that seems huge, we cannot have 2% of all trucks derailing or crashing. So, while companies are working to create solutions and fine-tuning their driving AI, everyone patiently and curiously awaits what this will mean.


First of all, the truck drivers of the U.S. are worried they are being replaced. Rightfully so. Still, there is currently a shortage of around 100,000 drivers nationwide. On the other hand, there will be plenty of routes that use local, neighborhood roads that AI will not be accustomed to and will not be able to drive on. While it is clear that AI taking over cargo truck jobs may be an issue, the benefits of less crashes and/or accidents outweigh the possible repercussions by a longshot.


Right now, it feels odd for many people to think that some of the vehicles we share the road with do not have a person at the wheel. Knowing that the technology could malfunction or crash without a moment’s notice, is a scary thought. Seeing a car, much less an 18-wheeler, going 60 miles per hour on the freeway without a person to be responsible for it, is not a comforting thought. Apparently there are some companies working on truck-driving AI that have remote workers ‘tune in’ to the driver’s seat and control the vehicle like in a video game. We’re not sure if that makes things better or worse, but it’s what’s happening regardless.

What This Means

What AI means to us as truck wreck attorneys, is that we will see many less catastrophes. We will see less and less families torn apart and less loved ones lost. We hope for everyone’s safety that this transition is going to improve the lives of everyone on the road. If we can create a way to prevent nearly 4,000 deaths per year, we’re in.

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