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Using Dash Cams as Evidence to Prove Negligence

Imagine you find yourself in an accident; one of the best pieces of evidence you can give to an Albuquerque and Texas trucking accident lawyer is dashboard camera, or dash cam, video. It’s a terrifying and terrible thought to picture yourself in such a dangerous situation, but it, unfortunately, can happen at any time. To [...]

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When Delivery Trucks and 18-wheelers Collide

An accident in Texas left the road scattered with drugs and syringes. A pharmacy delivery truck collided with an 18-wheeler truck, leaving a catastrophic mess and a lot of questions. The accident happened around midnight, which makes us think that the driver, if not both drivers, were fatigued and not able to pay attention to [...]

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When Driver’s Aren’t at Fault

Recent high winds in Texas have caused several semi-trucks to blow over on various highways and roads in the Amarillo area. If winds are causing, roughly, 80,000 pound vehicles to rollover, you can imagine what it’s doing to smaller, lighter vehicles. There are a small pool of accidents that cannot be blamed on either, or [...]

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What a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Do For You

Texas has one of the highest number of trucking accidents occur per year. We have had various cases brought to our attention, and still, people question why an attorney would be useful. Most people come to us for convenience sake, and others come to us to do the difficult part of the job - investigate. [...]

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Semi-Truck Collision Statistics

On June 5, 2018 a semi-truck transporting milk in Clovis, New Mexico collided with an oncoming train. The semi-truck was overturned onto its side, and the driver was flown to nearby Lubbock Hospital quickly after the incident. The drivers’ wife expressed she couldn’t believe her husband was still alive after seeing the condition the truck [...]

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About the Federal Tort Claims Act

The Federal Tort Claims Act was established as a federal statute in 1946. This act allows private parties, or citizens, to file lawsuits against the United States of America in a federal court. Prior the FTCA, government officials and employees were under what was called “sovereign immunity”, disallowing anyone from filing lawsuits against them. However, [...]

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Best Practices for Texas Trucking Accidents

Texas Trucking Companies Avoid Claims Texas Trucking companies are notorious for avoiding claimsand refusing to be held liable in cases. They are essentially a large business that doesn’t want to lose money, whether they are at fault or not. First and foremost, when dealing with trucking-related accidents, do not try to handle it on your [...]

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Chameleon Cargo

Despite the occasional driver who refuses to turn their blinker on or an elderly slow-rider, we generally want to believe that everyone on the road is a safe and abiding citizen with the right to be driving on the road. When it comes to cargo carriers and large, 18-wheeler trucks, that assumption, or hope, is [...]

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Why Hire an Attorney for an 18-Wheeler Accident?

Texas is one of the leading states with the highest number of trucking accidents. Due to the sheer size of 18-wheeler trucks, narrow roads, and long, straight highways, there are various factors that can lead to trucking accidents. Even in situations and accidents where it is very clear who the victim is, there are benefits [...]

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