Truck Hits Schoolbus Carrying Children

A recent afternoon accident between a school bus and a semi-truck in Bailey County, Texas, has resulted in 10 children, the bus driver, and the truck driver being transported to various hospitals for evaluation. The children in the bus were heading home after a day of summer school classes. Despite minimal injuries, all parties ought [...]

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Using Dash Cams as Evidence to Prove Negligence

Imagine you find yourself in an accident; one of the best pieces of evidence you can give to an Albuquerque and Texas trucking accident lawyer is dashboard camera, or dash cam, video. It’s a terrifying and terrible thought to picture yourself in such a dangerous situation, but it, unfortunately, can happen at any time. To [...]

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When Delivery Trucks and 18-wheelers Collide

An accident in Texas left the road scattered with drugs and syringes. A pharmacy delivery truck collided with an 18-wheeler truck, leaving a catastrophic mess and a lot of questions. The accident happened around midnight, which makes us think that the driver, if not both drivers, were fatigued and not able to pay attention to [...]

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When Driver’s Aren’t at Fault

Recent high winds in Texas have caused several semi-trucks to blow over on various highways and roads in the Amarillo area. If winds are causing, roughly, 80,000 pound vehicles to rollover, you can imagine what it’s doing to smaller, lighter vehicles. There are a small pool of accidents that cannot be blamed on either, or [...]

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What a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Do For You

Texas has one of the highest number of trucking accidents occur per year. We have had various cases brought to our attention, and still, people question why an attorney would be useful. Most people come to us for convenience sake, and others come to us to do the difficult part of the job - investigate. [...]

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Catastrophic Trucking Accidents

A recent New Mexico semi-truck collision has two drivers dead and their trucks in shambles. One driver swerved over a median and head-on collided with another on Interstate-40. The cause of the accident is still unknown and remains under investigation. There are a few common causes of trucking accidents that could have occurred. They are: [...]

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Dangerous Texas Roads

Houston has been given the unfortunate reputation of being home to the nation’s deadliest roads. With fatal accidents at a 12% increase in 2017, officials are considering changing the speed limits both on common roads and highways. According to the Texas Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Crash Facts, in 2017 there was: 1 person was [...]

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The Opioid Crisis and Truck Drivers

It’s no secret that the opioid crisis in the U.S. has skyrocketed immensely. As of March 2018 it was estimated that over 115 people die each day due to an opioid overdose. This extreme epidemic is not concentrated to one area of the nation or to one group of people, it’s widespread. This, unfortunately, does [...]

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How to Be Prepared to File a Truck Wreck Claim

In the United States alone, roughly 500,000 trucking accidents occur each year, with an average of 5,000 of them resulting in at least one death. These are astronomical numbers. While we have seen an increase in new technology that we’re hoping helps to bring those numbers down, it is still up to drivers to create [...]

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Violators Out of Business

A recent New York, private garbage truck company went out of business after multiple, continuous violations. The company also racked up two deaths while in business. This may seem like the right series of events, however, most truck companies do not lose their licenses or close down after a few violations, or even deaths. What [...]

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