Trucking Company Folds Amid Recession

Celadon Group Inc., a larger trucking delivery company, recently filed for bankruptcy and announced that it would be going out of business immediately to the dismay of roughly 4,000 drivers. The news comes as a shock to the now unemployed drivers and many are unsure what they are supposed to do next. Some drivers were [...]

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How Delivery Truck Accidents Happen

Delivery truck accidents are surprisingly common due to the high volume of them on the road, the frequency of deliveries they need to make, and partially due to inexperienced drivers or drivers that did not have a proper vetting before being hired. As the holidays draw closer, we’ll see more delivery trucks bringing gifts that [...]

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The Dangers of Poorly Screened Drivers

Due to their size and weight, big rigs, 18-wheelers, and commercial trucks wield wild capabilities for destruction, and therefore require education, training, and maintaining skills to operate safely. When hiring new drivers, trucking companies need to thoroughly vet applicants in order to determine if they can reliably travel from point A to point B without [...]

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How Jackknife Accidents Happen

Big rigs and 18-wheelers require extensive training, knowledge, and skill to safely operate daily. Truck drivers also need to be hyper-vigilant amidst distracted, tired, and (dare we say) clueless drivers on the roads and highways. When truck drivers get lazy, they put themselves and everyone else at risk; without the proper time and distance, the [...]

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The Trucking Industry Recession

In a sad turn of events this year, trucking as an industry has faced, and continues to face, a brutal recession affecting the livelihood, careers, and bottom lines of truck drivers and trucking enterprises. Companies of all sizes are feeling the belt-tightening as less money comes in. As a result, trucking companies need to reduce [...]

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The Dangers of Overloaded Trucks

For years, trucking companies and truck drivers have tried to increase profits in any way they can, same as any business or businessman would do; however, they don’t always choose what many would consider ethical avenues to pursue to increase their pay. One such method that happens again and again that inevitably puts truck drivers’ [...]

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Workers’ Comp: What Your Need To Know

Some people may think that being a truck driver is an easier job than others; sitting around cruising along streets and highways, stopping off for coffee and bite here and there. They fail to take into account the heavy lifting, the loading and unloading, hours and inevitable years of stress on your back, road conditions, [...]

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Illegal Trucking Cargo Doesn’t Pay

There’s an old adage that says crime doesn’t pay, but plenty of people see big dollar signs for breaking the law and thinking they’re going to get away with it. How would anyone know they’re transporting any illegal substances in an 18-wheeler? Or so one Oregon truck driver thought before being pulled over in Idaho [...]

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New Hampshire Truck Driver High on Drugs Kills 7

Driving trucks is a great career almost anyone can train to enjoy comfortable pay, longevity, and sightseeing depending on the length of runs taken. One drawback to being a truck driver is the loneliness of being on the road constantly and dealing with distracted drivers, roadblocks, traffic, and more daily. As a result, some may [...]

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