The Impact of Low Driver Interest and Experience

Commercial truck drivers are required to undergo extensive levels of training to ensure they know how to safely operate the vehicles they are driving. With the low interest in truck driving careers, the once-extensive training has been minimized to a lower, ‘just enough’ approach to training drivers in order to encourage new, young drivers to [...]

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Best Practices

For Trucking Driving Accidents Trucking companies are notorious for avoiding claims and denying liability in cases. They are essentially a large business that doesn’t want to lose money, whether they are at fault or not. First and foremost, when dealing with trucking-related accidents, do not try to handle it on your own. Even if you [...]

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Accidents Involving Large Vehicles

Who's At Fault? Some of the most catastrophic motor related accidents occur due to or involving big rig trucks, semi-trucks and 18-wheelers. Due to their sheer size, it is no wonder they can be so dangerous. There are many factors which can lead to a trucking related accident. Some factors are at the fault of [...]

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7 Filing a Truck Accident Claim Tips

Filing a claim with an insurance company and dealing with insurance agents are common steps in the recovery process following truck accidents. While these steps may seem relatively mundane – and while it may appear that insurance agents are helpful during the claims process, truck accident survivors need to understand that insurers and their employees: [...]

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