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When Lack of Truck Driver Experience Causes Truck Accidents

Commercial truck drivers are not only required to hold special driver’s licenses, they are also required to undergo a certain level of training to ensure they know how to safely operate the vehicles they are driving. When these drivers lack the proper amount of experience and training, it’s far more likely that accidents will happen.

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Required Experience & Training for Commercial Truckers

The required level of training for commercial truckers1 will depend on various factors, only some of which can include:

  • The type of vehicle they are driving
  • The nature of the cargo they are transporting (including whether that cargo is hazardous and/or flammable)
  • Generally, trucking companies are responsible for making sure that truckers have the proper licensing and required training before allowing them to transport any cargo

These companies are also required to:

  • Provide any special training that may be necessary for the safe handling of special types of vehicles and/or cargo
  • Maintain records of the training they have provided for their drivers
  • Maintain records of each driver’s licensing, credentials and special permits

When Inexperienced Truck Drivers Cause Crashes

When truckers lack experience, they can present a big risk to anyone sharing the roads with them. This is due to the facts that, without the right experience and training, truckers are far more likely to:

When inexperienced truck drivers cause crashes, they – and possibly the trucking company they drive/work for – can be liable.

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1: FMCSA regulations regarding licensing & training for commercial truck drivers