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Overview of Texas Trucking Laws & Regulations

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Texas trucking regulations1 are aimed at enhancing federal trucking laws in order to promote safety and minimize the risk of crashes, injuries and deaths. These regulations cover a number of driving- and vehicle-related factors, and any commercial trucker passing through the state is obligated to comply with them (regardless of where their truck is registered and where their commercial driver’s license has been issued).

Failing to comply with Texas trucking regulations can put everyone on the roads at risk because it can increase the chances of truck wrecks. When these failures occur, truckers, trucking companies and/or others may be liable for compensating accident survivors – including families who have lost a loved one to a deadly truck accident.

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Texas Trucking Regulations: Key Points

What to expect when entering the state – At all state ports of entry, commercial truck drivers are required to show authorities various documents, such as (but not exclusive to) their vehicle registration papers, their shipping papers (explaining the cargo being transported), and their CDLs. They may also be required to pay certain fees or fines if their trucks are overweight and/or if they are not in compliance with certain entry requirements.

Size limits for commercial trucks – Texas trucking laws limit the size of commercial trucks to 59 feet (for single-unit semis), 28.5 feet (for double trailers), and 65 feet for truck and trailer combinations. Regardless of the type of truck, Texas regulations limit trucks’ height to 14 feet and their width to 8 feet, 6 inches.

Weight limits for commercial trucks – Texas trucking regulations pertaining to weight limits set the maximum weight for commercial trucks to 80,000 pounds (which is the same as federal law). These state laws also specify weight limits based on the number of axles trucks have.

Other issues and factors covered by Texas trucking regulations include (and by no means limited to):

  • CDL requirements
  • Permit requirements
  • Driver inspections
  • The required safety equipment
  • The rules for transporting hazardous materials

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1: Texas Department of Public Safety’s Guide to Highway Safety for Motor Carriers

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