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Trucker fatigue is one of the leading forms of driver impairment that commonly contributes to truck accidents. In fact, at least 1 in every 8 truck accidents that occurs on a U.S. roadway is caused by a tired or fatigued truck driver.

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Truck Driver Fatigue: Why It Is So Dangerous & Deadly?

Trucker fatigue is prominent concern for transportation safety authorities because it can cause the same types of impairments as drug and/or alcohol use. Specifically, when tired truck drivers are behind the wheel, it is far more likely that they will experience (at least):

Impaired perception – Tired truckers tend to miss seeing important visual cues in their driving environments (like traffic signals or signs), even when they may be looking directly at these cues. Fatigued truckers also tend to not check their mirrors or blind spots, mistakenly identify sounds (like sirens) and even fall asleep while driving.

Slower reaction times – When truckers are tired, they are far less likely to be responsive to the changes occurring in their driving environment (especially if they have trouble perceiving and/or interpreting these changes). For instance, fatigued truckers tend to have slower braking reactions; for fully loaded trucks, this can add a significant amount of time (and space) needed to bring trucks to a stop – and, in some cases, avoid crashes.

Some research has even indicated that:

  • After two consecutive nights of getting 5 or less hours of sleep, truckers’ performance and safety behind the wheel can be compromised.
  • When truckers drive after 24 hours without having any sleep, their impairments can be similar to those displayed by drivers who have blood alcohol levels of 0.10 – This is more than double the legal limit for commercial driver’s license holders (whose limit is 0.04).
  • Federal authorities have put a various regulations in place to try to prevent fatigued truckers from driving (and causing crashes). Most notably, hours-of-service regulations are meant to limit the number of hours truckers are behind the wheel in a given day, as well as within a given 7-day period.
  • Despite these efforts, however, fatigued truckers still get behind the wheel all too often, causing serious accidents, injuries and even deaths.

Proving When Trucker Fatigue Has Contributed to Truck Accidents

Various evidence can be critical to establishing when trucker fatigue has played a role in causing truck accidents. Such evidence can include (and is not limited to):

  • Truckers’ driving logs
  • Electronic onboard recording devices
  • Trucking company records (particularly when they may include or reveal unrealistic delivery schedules that promote violations of hours-of-services rules)
  • Police reports and witness statements
  • Our lawyers are skilled at investigating truck accidents, compiling all essential evidence and proving when trucker fatigue (or other forms of negligence) has caused crashes and harm to our clients

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