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Truck Safety for Commercial Vehicles & Motorists

Commercial truck drivers, as well as they companies they work for, are required to abide by various safety regulations1 in order to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries and deaths. When safety failures occur and truck accidents happen, victims can be entitled to compensation for the resulting damage, injuries and other losses.

At Buckingham Barrera Law Firm, our lawyers are experienced at determining when any safety violation has contributed to truck wrecks. Dedicated to providing the highest quality representation in the pursuit of justice, our attorneys can help you protect your rights and pursue your best options for recovery after any type of negligence causes you to be hurt in a truck accident.

Truck Safety for Commercial Drivers

State and federal trucking regulations set forth various requirements for commercial truckers, the companies that employ them, and the vehicles they drive. Some of the various issues these regulations cover include (and are by no means limited to):

  • Licensing and training for truck drivers
  • Alcohol and drug testing for truckers
  • Medical requirements and exams for truckers
  • Driving shift limits (to prevent driver fatigue)
  • Carrier safety issues, such as those pertaining to the transport of hazardous materials, record keeping verifying compliance with safety regulations, etc.
  • Vehicle safety issues, including the required inspections and maintenance for commercial trucks, truck weight limits, cargo securement requirements, etc.

Failures to comply with the required safety regulations can result in:

  • Drivers and/or trucking companies being fined by federal authorities or being placed “out of service”
  • Catastrophic, if not deadly, truck accidents

Proving When Safety Violations Cause Truck Accidents

Various evidence can be helpful to establishing when safety violations have contributed to truck wrecks. Some of this evidence can include:

  • Records from electronic onboard recording devices (EOBRs)
  • Drivers’ vehicle inspection reports and/or driving logs (including a lack of these records)
  • Trucking companies’ safety records (including a lack of these records)
  • Police accident reports and/or other records (like records of citations issued to drivers for violating traffic laws, for instance)

Our lawyers are skilled at compiling all of the necessary evidence to prove when safety violations (or any form of carelessness or recklessness) have caused truck wrecks and harm to our clients.

In addition to representing truck accident survivors, we also represent families who have lost loved ones to fatal truck accidents. While no amount of money can ever make up for the permanent and devastating losses that truck accidents can cause, financial recoveries can be central to:

  • Covering medical bills, funeral costs, etc.
  • Supporting families, particularly when a wreck has taken the life of a primary breadwinner or when grief limits survivors’ ability to work (for any reason)
  • Healing and starting to restore survivors’ lives

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1: Here is more detailed information about New Mexico trucking regulations and Texas trucking laws. A complete guide to FMCSA safety regulations for truckers, commercial trucks and trucking companies is available here.